APDGallery is a simple application for online gallery. It can be used by artists, photographers, or just anyone who needs online representation of their images. The simplicity of this application allows quick and easy setup with minimum knowledge required. We offer setup and customization of this application as well as creating a custom theme for it.

Application DEMO is available here

Technical information

APDGallery utilizes the following technologies:

  • ASP.NET MVC3 using .NET4 platform (C#)
  • Telerik ASP.NET MVC controls
  • XML, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • .NET imaging (for image on-thge-fly resize/resample)

APDGallery doens't require a database - all information is stored in a single XML file that is read and cached by the application. The menu and image galleries are rendered dynamically depending on XML content.

APDGallery XML example

Each page links to a menu item. You can nest pages and it will be rendred as submenu items in the main menu. A menu item can have direct URL as a link, a gallery, and content.

APDGallery XML example

More technical details on how to setup and configure this application can be available upon request. We also offer application support - in an unlikely case when anything breaks or doesn't work as expected we'll fix it for you.